Today’s Look♠️♣️

◼️◾️▪️🏡Before getting in My Pajamas Let me share Today’s look. Today was a Perfect day To wear hat and boots Because was Rainy & cold🌀☔️This fall You’re gonna see me wearing a lot of black , leather , hats and My natural , long and wavy hair💁( Hat : Target // Sweater : H&M// Leather Pants : MichaelK // Boots : MK )


Last Day of summer ☀️😎

Today was officially the last day of summer . After work, I had time to spend with my family. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to be with them as I wished to. But i’m so excited because fall started today and is my favorite season ! I hope that each and everyone of you enjoyed summer ☀️😎God Bless you All🙏Cheers!!!