Simple Black on Green Khaki Pants..!!

Hello Again!! I’m sure you all already noticed that I’m not much of a writer person. This has nothing to do with my bad grammar or spelling problems Lol !! honestly I like and enjoy talking more than writing. Anyways today’s look was simple but still chic . I love this green Khaki pants from H&m . I think HM has become one of my Favorites stores to shop. Weird because I wasn’t a fan of their store. But if you are looking for affordable clothes and still chic and stylish , I definitely recommend HM. Of course I have others favorite store where I shop all the time. But definitely h&m is one of my list.!! Thank you for stopping by as always.!!




IMG_4109.JPG ( Sweater – Diesel // Green Khaki Pants – H&m ( New❤️ ) // Booties – Givenchy ( old❤️ ) follow me on Instagram // @raysalifestyle Love , Raysa❤️💋

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