Selfie Lover.!! (1/24/2015 )

Hello Lovelies.!! Are you a selfie lover!??! Well I love selfies , i Love taking selfies . Probably My fave selfies are the ” bathroom- selfie ” .. La . La. La…. YA’Y ( don’t Judge me ) Thank you. Heheheh.. Taking selfies is a fun way to show the world your confidence, personality and fashion sense. From presidents to Academy Award winners, everybody’s doing it. There’s many kind of selfies 1- Capture a good angle. 2- show off something new. 3- focus on one feature. 4- Have an interesting expression. Ahhhh the list could go on and onnnnnnnn .Here are few of my Fave Bathroom- selfie poses. Enjoy.!!










2015/01/img_3558.jpg { wishing you all a blessed and wonderful Weekend. // instagram @raysalifestyle Love , Raysa♥️


19 thoughts on “Selfie Lover.!! (1/24/2015 )

  1. Hello Raysa, I honestly don’t know how to take good selfies of myself. My daughters make fun of me when I try to do it 🙂 I must say that your selfies out of this world. God blessed with so much natural beauty and if I was you, I will be taking selfies of myself all day long. You are super gorgeous! XOXO, Jeannette

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