My usual ( Black + jeans + heels + sunglasses + hat ) “3/16/2015”

Hello Lovelies!! Hope you all had an amazing weekend / Monday. Here’s another look ” back to basic ” As you already know and probably you are tired to hear this because  I say it  all the time , but I’m all about feeling  comfortable  when it comes to my clothes , not So much with my shoes ( don’t judge me ) I feel like shoes can make your looks stand out more not matter what you’re wearing. And I’m currently in love with these heels , they’re super comfortable , they may not look like it but trust me  I haven’t fallen yet hehehehe. Wishing you all a happy and blessed new week!! Thank you for visiting my blog. 

 { hat : Forever21 ( New ) // Sunglasses : Ray Ban ( old ) // Leather Moto jacket : Gucci ( old ) // Sweater : HM ( new ) // jeans : TJmaxx ( new ) // Heels : ( obsessed ) // Makeup ( all by Mac ) // instagram @raysa.garcia    Love, Raysa<3

17 thoughts on “My usual ( Black + jeans + heels + sunglasses + hat ) “3/16/2015”

  1. Baby you always prove priorities change, and style doesn’t. But you’re a beautiful rose most exquisite, in which you always maintain a dignity to an outfit and make it more about a look than trying to get attention. and freaking love that about you bb, and you know that 💘

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