Epic Blend – Lip Balm  (Collaboration ) 7/27/15

Hello Everyone!! I Hope you all had an amazing weekend!! On Today’s blog I wanted to share with you my experience using epic blend lip balm. I’m always on the look out for a good lip product that use only natural ingredients in their products , and i was amazingly surprised to find out epic blend uses only the top-shelf natural ingredients without any of the harsh chemicals or synthetics. I loved all of the flavors they have in their lineup. The formula’s are petroleum-free, gluten-free, non gmo, not tested on animals, and only include natural flavors. My personal favorite is ” Must Moisture – Cherry ”    
The balms come in three categories:
Hemp: Using organic hemp seed oil, which is a great anti-oxident, super-nourishing, and quickly absorbs into the skin.
More Moisture: A total of seven moisturizers are used, including organic shea butter, to come together to provide a generous dose of moisture to your lips while having a long lasting staying power.
Vegan: 100% plant-based and beeswax-free. All natural grade candelila was is used, which gives these balms an incredibly smooth texture. I highly recommended.

  http://www.epicblend.com  ( Thanks Epic Blend ) 

You can also follow me on instagram @raysa.garcia // Twitter @raysagarcia7 // Thanks for Stopping by!! Wishing you an amazing Weekend!!  

Love , Raysa Garcia. 

25 thoughts on “Epic Blend – Lip Balm  (Collaboration ) 7/27/15

  1. Well this sure makes me want to go try that cherry flavor! I used to wear those flavored chap sticks all the time when I was little….and this Epic blends is like that but for adults. I love the ingredients and I love the photos that you styled to show these little guys off! xoxo beauty! – Michelle

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    1. Hello Stunning!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. These lips balm are for sure amazing!! Sending you the biggest hug your way. Xox 😘😘


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