Updated Skincare With  @enzaprgirl 

( 9/ 6/2015 ) 

Hello beautiful ones!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. On today’s blog I’m finally sharing my skin care routine using these incredible products from @enza let me Just say I’m blown away with the results. As i mentioned before I’m always on the hunt for the perfect skin products. I don’t have the perfect flawless skin as you all may think. I do struggle Like anyone else. But Since I’ve been using @enza My skin has changed so much. I deal with pores ( hate them ) we all do right!?! My only regret is I wish I had started sooner. I was using drug store products, a lot of what I bought worked fine, but I never felt like things were working as well as I thought or expected. Ever since I started using @enza ( I loved it ) for skin care products that were customized to my skin. Enza Essentials.  
The whole experience starts with a questionnaire – so they can tailor the skin care regimen to Your skin and your skin only. So you go to their website and answer a number of questions like – What is your skin type etc. The questions they ask are so interesting, but they consider all these different factors in order to put together the perfect products for your skin.
I started using Enza. A month ago, I waited a little bit to do the post because I really wanted to make sure that I could be honest about the results from my experience using Enza. 

 My biggest skin care concerns are pores around my nose I communicated these concerns when I filled out my questionnaire and I was happy to see that these concerns were taken into consideration with the Enza products and the routine they put together for me.
Saturation Cleanser ( C-9506-01 ) 

Saturation Toner ( T -6406-01 ) 

Saturation Aloe Scrub ( X-3004 ) 

Pore Extraction Masque ( M0702-01 )

Spot Extractor ( R-04433 ) 

Sustaining Glow Creme ( E-55602 ) 

Vitamin C Serum – SkinCare Intensives. 

Advanced Protection SPF30 ( With Z-Cote UVA & UVB Protection ) 

The Biggest difference that I have noticed since using Enza is how bright and alive my skin is . My pores around my nose has definitely reduced, All I can say is that it really makes a huge difference to get a skin care routine that is customized specifically for your skin. ( I highly recommend it ) 

You can buy the Enza products separately. 

Make sure to Check out their website for more details. 
Instagram @enzaprgirl ( http://www.enza.com )

Thanks again so much for reading!! Hope you enjoyed this blog post. ✨Xox✨

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Love, Raysa Garcia❤️

48 thoughts on “Updated Skincare With  @enzaprgirl 

      1. My pleasure Raisa I am on twitter @bernieshoot and on instagram bernie_shoot feel free to follow me, your friends are welcome, enjoy your Tuesday

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  1. Is your blog format new? It’s showing up on my phone in a very cool way–I like it! And I can’t wait to try this because I feel the same way about my pores! I have pretty good skin but I do not like seeing pores! I can’t wait to give this a try! Happy day sweet girl!!❤️❤️

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    1. Thanks a million my dearest friend!! I’m super happy you liked this blogpost. I always appreciate your kindness and support. Hope you had a wonderful day gorgeous.
      Xox, Raysa


  2. Great review! Your skin is beautiful! And now I know why:) I’m not familiar with Enza products but I will definitely give them a look now. It can be so hard to find great skin care products from just one company, so it’s nice to know they can create a kit to address all your concerns/needs.

    xo, jackie

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