The Alex Jersey V-Neck  Collaboration with @amvicollection 

October 28, 2015 
Hello beautiful!!! It’s almost Friday (Again)
On today’s blog I’m sharing two looks wearing one of my favorite tees from @amvicollection 

If you have been following me for awhile on all my social media accounts/ blog  I’m sure you all know that my style is simple , casual yet chic! 
I think that the older I’m getting i don’t put to much attention to brands or trends. ( but wait….  I used to be one of those girls that would go shopping every single day , and own 300 pair of shoes , 100 bags etc. and I wouldn’t  wear them . I will just wear the same pair of shoes , bag , jeans etc, etc. 

it was just waste of money Buying so many expensive brands and not wearing half of it. So yes i sold almost everything from my closet. ( no shame)  

My style has become more basic. I like to buy pieces that i can mix and match. 
” Is not about quantity but Quality ” 
When @amvicollection contacted me to collaborate with them, I felt in love with their collection right a way. Because a well made / great quality tee is a must have in every girl’s closet. Do you agree?? 

Here are two looks,  this is pretty much what i would wear on a daily basis. 

Check out their incredible website. // Instagram @amvicollection // Twitter @amvicollection 
Thanks for reading! 

Wearing ( white tee – Alex Jersey V-Neck @amvicollection )  Jeans @ymijeans // heels ( old ) denim Jacket @hm // sunglasses @shopditto ) 


Wearing : ( Grey Tee / Alex Jersey V-Neck  @amvicollection ) Leather leggings @nordstrom // boots- Dolce Vita // Jacket @hm // sunglasses @shopditto ( don’t forget to use CODE: RAYSAGARCIA to get your first month free. 
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T-Shirt ( Allergic To Average ) In Collaboration with @klassyverre

October 27, 2015 
Hello friends!! How’s your week going So far? On today’s blog I’m sharing another simple yet chic fall look wearing this Tee with a great message. Yes, yes and yes in real life I’m… 

( Allergic to Average) a little side note Why? 

Success and average 

Don’t have nothing to do with each other. So you can’t say 

You want to be successful! 

You can’t say there’s certain dreams! 

And goals! 

There are things you want to have! 

And things you want to be! 

If you are still average! 

You gotta get to the point 

Where you get allergic to average! 

You don’t think average! 

You don’t perform average! 
As you all know my style is all about comfort regardless. 

So I decided to paired this tee with a black leggings a cardigan high boots and a hat. I also have being obsessed with bold lipstick. To me this is my go to / perfect combo! 

The quality of this tee is super soft and it fits super awesome. 


Please check out their website for more. 

Instagram @Klassyverre 
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( cardigan – Marshall’s // leather  leggings – Nordstrom // boots – Dolce vita // hat – Target ) 

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Collaboration with @befashionest 

  October 25, 2015 
Hello my dearest friends! How was your weekend!? 

On todays blog I’m sharing this look wearing this beautiful Bow Tie Collar from @befashionest 

How beautiful is this piece, I didn’t own anything like this before. but I’m so in love with it. I decided to wear something casual and simple, as you already know my style is very casual nothing over the top. Since i’m all about being comfortable . Their jewelry is amazing and the quality is great. 
Please check out their website for more.  // Instagram @befashionest

Wishing you all a wonderful Week! 



( Sweater @hm // white jeans ( old ) // boots – Clavin Klein // Sunglasses ( Ray ban @shopditto  Use Code : RAYSAGARCIA to get your first month free. ) 
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Collaboration with @bollywoodchic 

October 22, 2015 
Hello Friends! How’s your week going? On today’s blog I wanted to share with you all this Jewelry website @bollywoodchic ( ) just let me tell you all how in love I am with their Jewelry. They sent me these goodies and I absolutely love it. The quality is amazing they have a Variety of designs very unique and the prices are affordable. 

Check out their website for more // Instagram @bollywoodchic 


Thanks for reading!! 
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Custom Knee high socks in collaboration with @chrissyskneesocks 

October 20, 2015

Hello my dear friends! Hope you all are having a lovely week so far. On today’s blog I’m sharing 3 looks wearing these custom knee high socks in collaboration with  @chrissyskneesocks  These socks are made in USA.  I’m not gonna lie, i had a little bit of hard time styling these socks, especially the striped  and dots socks. Just because I’m not much of a socks kind of gal. But I wanted to challenge myself. Why not right!?!

So I decided to go for a simple look as usual. And I came up with this easy and comfy look.

Of course you can style them as you wish. These socks are Perfect for a cold weather as well. 

They have Over 400+ Styles of these high knees socks. 
Please check out their website for more!   


Thank you for stopping by! 

Socks // // ripped shorts @forever21 // sweater @tjmaxx // shoes @hm // hat @hm // Jacket @levis // black mini dress @forever21 // boots @nordstrom // Sunglasses – Ray ban @shopditto ) 
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Lace Plane Skater Dress in collaboration with @behindhemlines 

October 18, 2015 
Hello my dearest friends! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! On today’s blog I’m sharing this look wearing this beautiful Lace Plane Skater Dress in collaboration with @behindhemlines 

Let’s start by saying how in love i am with this dress. Is beautiful, classy , and the color is just perfect. Especially for this fall season also for the upcoming holidays. I wore it on Sunday for dinner with my family. And since its fall i decided to go for a fall look. Wearing this blazer around my shoulder , booties and some black Stockings. The quality of the dress is amazing. ( absolutely love it ) Please check out their incredible website. // Instagram @behindhemlines // 


( blazer @hm // stockings @tjmaxx // booties @nordstrom // Sunglasses – Ray ban @shopditto // // Subscribe now and use my Code: RAYSAGARCIA to get your first month free. 

Wishing you all a fantastic new week❤️

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One year Anniversary of my blog!! 

 October 14, 2015 

Hello beautiful ones!! Today I’m celebrating one year+ anniversary of my blog . I’m excited and beyond grateful. I want to thanks God for giving the strength and the opportunity to meet and work with so many amazing people. Also thank you to my lovely family and sisters for their incredible support. And thank you to each and everyone of you that has been supporting me since day one. I cannot thank you enough for your love. Words cannot express how amazing and happy i feel to have you all in my life. I wish i could meet you all and hug you for believing in me. 

So i decided to do something very special on my blog. ” No it’s not a giveaway ” it’s something a lot better that means so much to me. ” I will introduce you all some of my favorite bloggers and people that i love and that has been there supporting me. I started from ( 0 ) and today I can’t even believe how many amazing people follow me and visit all my social media accounts / blog . 

I’m so humble and thankful. I’m the same person that you met on IG with 1 follower ( To me number doesn’t change me. They’re just number ) I’m the kind of person that appreciates everything, and that gives without expecting anything in return.

” Yes that’s me ” 

What started as a hobby now has become my job, something that i absolutely love and enjoy doing.

 Please meet these amazing people with the biggest hearts and soul. 

              ” CHEERS ” ❤️🎉



















16 –



19 –













Thank you all so much for your love and support. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. 

I adore you all to pieces!! 

Thanks for stopping by!! 

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Love, Raysa❤️