Collaboration with @bollywoodchic 

October 22, 2015 
Hello Friends! How’s your week going? On today’s blog I wanted to share with you all this Jewelry website @bollywoodchic ( ) just let me tell you all how in love I am with their Jewelry. They sent me these goodies and I absolutely love it. The quality is amazing they have a Variety of designs very unique and the prices are affordable. 

Check out their website for more // Instagram @bollywoodchic 


Thanks for reading!! 
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Love , Raysa Garcia❤️

47 thoughts on “Collaboration with @bollywoodchic 

  1. I cant wait to get my goodies! I never would have known about these pretty little jewels if it wasn’t for you! I love yours, Raysa! You wear everything so well (especially that ring- wowsers!) I hope your entire day is sparkly and wonderful and bright! 🙂

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