The Alex Jersey V-Neck  Collaboration with @amvicollection 

October 28, 2015 
Hello beautiful!!! It’s almost Friday (Again)
On today’s blog I’m sharing two looks wearing one of my favorite tees from @amvicollection 

If you have been following me for awhile on all my social media accounts/ blog  I’m sure you all know that my style is simple , casual yet chic! 
I think that the older I’m getting i don’t put to much attention to brands or trends. ( but wait….  I used to be one of those girls that would go shopping every single day , and own 300 pair of shoes , 100 bags etc. and I wouldn’t  wear them . I will just wear the same pair of shoes , bag , jeans etc, etc. 

it was just waste of money Buying so many expensive brands and not wearing half of it. So yes i sold almost everything from my closet. ( no shame)  

My style has become more basic. I like to buy pieces that i can mix and match. 
” Is not about quantity but Quality ” 
When @amvicollection contacted me to collaborate with them, I felt in love with their collection right a way. Because a well made / great quality tee is a must have in every girl’s closet. Do you agree?? 

Here are two looks,  this is pretty much what i would wear on a daily basis. 

Check out their incredible website. // Instagram @amvicollection // Twitter @amvicollection 
Thanks for reading! 

Wearing ( white tee – Alex Jersey V-Neck @amvicollection )  Jeans @ymijeans // heels ( old ) denim Jacket @hm // sunglasses @shopditto ) 


Wearing : ( Grey Tee / Alex Jersey V-Neck  @amvicollection ) Leather leggings @nordstrom // boots- Dolce Vita // Jacket @hm // sunglasses @shopditto ( don’t forget to use CODE: RAYSAGARCIA to get your first month free. 
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Love, Raysa Garcia🤓❤️

47 thoughts on “The Alex Jersey V-Neck  Collaboration with @amvicollection 

  1. I’m so in love with you and inspired style, how your always motivating me to try something new. As I’m so loving this tailored tomboy ensemble , creating you own effortlessly chic look by combining denim and super sexy leggings( my superheroine crush😍💕) with a slouchy tee, then throwing some bold booties and gorgeous sleek boots to add contrast. Showing off your versatile expertise!! There’s not one day I don’t think about you and love you as I do by how much you captivate me ways I can’t explain , just continue whatcha doing bby❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Awwww.. Thank you babe so much ( I won’t never stop thanking you , for always being so incredibly supportive and sweet to me. You inspire me too bb! I love your unique and super amazing style! It’s the best bb. Love you MUCHO 🤗🤗😘😘😘

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  2. What a great post my dear Raysa! I love your basic YET chic style! You don’t have to wear brands to be chic, and that’s what most of the girls don’t understand. I totally agree with you, I keep restyling the same piece over and over! Loved the Tees!!

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  3. My love!! You know I am absolutely in love with all your most sassy and edgy outfits. So the second one is my fave. I was the same kinda girl, always shopping stuff that I wouldn’t wear on a daily basis and the more I have grown the less attached I feel to the concept of clothing. My style is more basic now and I prefer to splurge on pieces I know I will wear in a long-term period. You are the Best Raysa! Adore you ❤

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  4. So gorgeous and chic, Raysa! I am the exact same way! Sadly, I used to collect clothing too and had so many items just sitting around in my closet! Now I love quality items that I can just mix and match. Love your classic style! It’s so functional, yet beautiful and polished. ❤️

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  5. Raysa, I love how you nailed these looks. Loving those scarf and pumps. You always look so polished and flawless. Have a wonderful weekend gorgeous girl!!!

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  6. Hello my sweet Raysa! You look so beautiful and confident and I really appreciate the fact that you don’t pay too much attention to brands or trends and that you wear and follow what you love and makes sense to you. I have learned that being fashionable and stylish has nothing to do with spending lots of money on clothes but to do what with love and what makes us feel good and happy. Being ourselves and authentic in my opinion is the key to success and you are obviously in the right path. So proud of you girl! Love both of your looks and tees look super amazing on you! Have a very blessed rest of the weekend Raysa! Lots of love and blessings to you now and always:-) XOXO, Jeannette

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    1. Ahhhh. Thank you, thank you Jeannette!! You are incredible. I truly appreciate your kind words and support! I agree with you 100% ” Being ourselves and authentic is the key to success ” love this you are so right. Love how beautiful and inspiring you are to us all. Thanks Again beautiful one!!
      Much love to you and your family! 😘😘😘😘


  7. You styled both looks perfectly. Your style is always so fresh and on point.
    I agree you, clothes were meant to be worn and not to sit in your closet. Quality over quantity all the way!

    xo, Jackie

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