Tassel Cuff – Necklace From @cuffsbychiara            (Collaboration ) 

December 28, 2015 

Hello My lovely friends! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. My holidays have had been so crazy. I didn’t get time to celebrate much , Since we were moving to our new home. The truth is i’m exhausted. I seriously need a 6 month vacation.. ( JK ) 😜😜
On todays blog! 

I’m sharing my last 2015 blog. I wore this look for Christmas Eve. Today I’m collaborating with @cuffsbychiara wearing this gorgeous Tassel Cuff  Necklace 

  It’s has been raining for the past weeks / so i decided to go for a comfy look.

 I’m so in love with This Beautiful Tassel Cuff  Necklace. You can also wear it as a ( Bracelet . Necklace . Handcuff  ) How amazing is that!? 

It’s such a great made piece. You can style it with so many looks / outfits. 

   Please check out their website for more. Instagram @cuffsbychiara / http://www.cuffsbychiara.com
( wearing – cashmere sweater ( Brand / velvet by graham and spencer // Leather pants – Hugo Boss // Jacket – marnaro.com // Boots – Guess ) 


I want to take a moment and thank you for all the love and support i have received and continue to receive  from you all. Also thanks to all the amazing companies that i worked with . You are amazing!  

I’m glad to have connected with you all on Instagram and my blog etc. 

i can’t wait to share with you all my upcoming 2016 Collaboration. 

I love you and i wish you a blessed New 2016. May God bless you!! 
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Cheers!! Raysa Garcia ❤️

Anaya Necklace From @bollywoodchic                   (Collaboration)  

December 17, 2015 
Hello My lovely friends! It’s Finally Friday. YAY! 
On today’s blog! 

Today I’m sharing with you all this glamorous and chic look wearing this gorgeous Statement Necklace from @bollywoodchic 

This is my kind of holiday/ party look. 

I wore this outfit to a holiday party the other day. As you all know I’m all about keeping my looks simple and comfortable regardless the occasion. 

 I decided to pair this necklace with one of my favorite colors and look ( wearing all Black on Black ) 

For details other than wearing this stunning necklace I added to this look a hat , this cardigan with a fur touch , this velvet purse and these OTK boots and of course I couldn’t leave my sunnies behind. I just love this look so much. 

I had in my mind to do lots and lots of holiday’s look on my blog for you guys but i had to pass this year, since a lots it’s going on in my life at the moment. Between work, moving to our new home, getting my YouTube channel ready ( So excited!) blogging and so many surprises that I will share with you all soon, time isn’t my best friend right now. But thank you all for your support. It means the world to me! 

Back to The necklace! This necklace it’s so gorgeous you could wear it with so many looks. A statement necklace it’s a must have in your wardrobe.

The quality is amazing and super affordable. I Definitely recommend to check out their website! The shipping is super fast. I Love , love bollywoodchic it has become one of my favorite jewelry website. It’s such an honor to be working with them Again. 

Please Make sure to stop by their website and check out their Jewelry collection. 

http://www.bollywoodchicboutique.com // Instagram @bollywoodchic 


Wearing ( Turtle Neck sweater ( old ) // Pants – Nordstrom // OTK – boots = bebe Store // Sunnies – Ray ban // Velvet Bag – hm // Cardigan – hm ( old) // hat – Nordstrom Rack) 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Wishing you all a wonderful Friday/ Weekend. 
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Love, Raysa Garcia❤️

FRIDAY I’m In Love – Sweater From @shopfridayapparel                (Collaboration)

December 13, 2015

Hello dearest friends! How was your weekend? 
On today’s blog!
I’m sharing this ( Gray on Gray ) look wearing this Cozy and casual sweater from @shopfridayapparel 

I’m sure Friday is almost everyone’s best friends. Right!? 

I actually wore this outfit last Friday! 

this is the perfect sweater to wear not just on a Friday but in those lazy running errands kinda of days.
Please Check their website for more. 

http://www.fridayapparel.com // Instagram @shopfridayapparel 



( wearing: Jeans- @boomboomjeans  // Booties- @hm // Hat – @nordstromrack // Sunglasses- @rayban ) 

Thank you for reading! Wishing you all a blessed week ahead. 
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Love , Raysa Garcia ♥️

2 looks in Collaboration with @groceriesapparel 

December 9, 2015 
Hello Sweetest friends! How’s your week going? 
On today’s blog! 
I’m sharing 2 looks wearing these 2 beautiful Pieces. From @groceriesapparel

Groceries Apparel is a 100% Organic & recycled ingredients. 100% made in California. Company based in Los Angeles  


Please check out their incredible website / social media accounts for more details. 

http://www.groceriesapparel.com // Instagram @groceriesapparel // Facebook // Twitter 

Look #1 ( Rosy pink sweater ) 
This sweater is beautiful cozy , and I’m so in love with the color. the material is just amazing! 
I decided to pair it with jeans and these OTK – black boots and my new Favorite hat. 
I absolutely love this look! As you all know my style is simple comfortable casual and very easy to achieve. I could wear jeans and sweaters all year straight. 


( Jeans – YMIjeans // boots – Guess // bag – hm // hat – Nordstrom Rack  // Sunnies- Rayban from @shopditto ) 

Look #2 ( Rosy Pink T-shirt )
This is another beautiful classic and soft piece from @groceriesappareal 
This is such a beautiful T-shirt! I love how soft and delicate it is and how it feels on. 
I decided to pair it with these Faux leather pants these leopard booties and this lovely faux fur vest. I think these colors / pieces combined look so beautiful together. 

I know we are in fall , almost winter and Rosy pink may not be for some fashionistas the best choice of clothes to wear. But hey is not about the color we wear it’s all about how you style it and make it your own. Right?! 

I like to inspire people by showing them that you don’t need to wear the most expensive clothes to look or feel beautiful with . You don’t always need to wear what others are wearing. Make everything your own!

Don’t try too hard- Less is more.

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication. 




( Faux Leather pants- hm //Vest- tjmax //  leopard booties – Vince Camuto // Bag – L/v // Sunnies – Karen Walker From @shopditto Get your first month free using Code: RAYSAGARCIA // necklace- bloomingdale’s ) 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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Love , Raysa Garcia ❤️

Live NYC Trench Coat From @shoppriceles            (Collaboration ) 

December 3, 2015
Hello Dear friends! Happy Friday. 
On today’s blog 

Today’s I’m sharing my last look in collaboration with @shoppriceless 
First of all let just say how in love I’m with their clothes. I mentioned before on my previous blog. 

I swear I’m blown away by the The quality, the fit and the price of their clothes is just amazing. 

I want you all to know that I will never recommend you to buy a product regardless the company ( name ) just because 

 I’m very honest when i talk about a product. 😊 

Back to the blog! 
 This Live NYC Trench coat it’s such a beautiful piece, is soft and the color is just beautiful and delicate. ( I’m wearing size small if you wonder)

I decided to go all white on white. 

I think this trench coat looks beautiful paired it with white. I mean It will look beautiful almost with anything. 

I will be definitely wearing this trench coat a lot. Because i just simply love it! 

Please check out their incredible website / social media accounts.
http://www.shoppriceless.com // Instagram // Pinterest // Facebook // Google+ 






Thank you @shopriceless it was a pleasure to collaborate with your company.
Thank you for stopping by!Wishing you all a blessed New Month. 
( Top & Jeans – bloomingdale’s // Shoes – Nordstrom // Bag – L/v // Sunnies – Karen Walker From @shopddito get your first month free  Using code : RAYSAGARCIA // pearls necklace from #simonacouture @simonacouture ) 
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Love, Raysa G.