Welcome 2016 

January 3 , 2016 
Hello my gorgeous friends! Happy New Year.

How was your holiday. Hope you all had an amazing time surrender by your loved ones. 
On today’s blog! 
I’m starting the year sharing my first 2016 collaboration with @nicoleleeusa 
Featuring this gorgeous bag , SIAN HOLOGRAM HANDBAG which I absolutely love. So many great things to say about their bags collection. 

Unique, amazing quality, great price and super chic. 

It has been raining like crazy here in DC / VA. It’s difficult to dress up because the rain makes it impossible. 

So I decided to share these different looks wearing something casual as usual to show you that this bag can be dressed up or down. It is such a chic bag. I love how it changes colors in the light. How awesome is that!?! 

I got so many compliments about this bag. 

I will definitely be sharing tons of looks in the near future wearing this bag.

There’s more coming up in collaboration with @nicoleleeusa
Please check out their amazing website for more  / social media accounts 
http://www.nicoleleeonline.com // Instagram @nicoleleeusa // Twitter @nicoleleeusa // Facebook // Pinterest // YouTube 

Thank you for stopping by! I wish you all an amazing and blessed 2016 / week. 
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Cheers, Raysa G❤️


71 thoughts on “Welcome 2016 

  1. Hope you had an amazing holiday! What a gorgeous bag with such beautiful details. I love the studded embellishments and opalescent shine 🙂 And you’ve styled it perfectly👌🏿
    Have a great week lovely!

    xo, jackie

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