Celine Infinity Bracelet in Silver From @bollywoodchic (Collaboration)

February 14, 2016 

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend/ Valentine’s Day.

 I had a very stressful week & weekend. Since my Instagram was hacked and then blocked. Unfortunately I can’t like pictures but i can comment. I feel so bad because i have missed so many of your amazing posts.

if you guys have followed me for a while you know that I’m always supporting each and everyone of you. I have reported my Account but I still haven’t heard back from Instagram. 

They did contacte me when my account was hacked which whoever hacked did lots of damage. 

I wanted to update you. Just because i feel bad not liking nor comment on your pictures. 

I hope this problem can be resolve soon.


On today’s Blog!

Today I’m sharing/ collaborating this look wearing these beautiful Jewelry from @bollywoodchic 

Statement Necklace & Celine Bracelet in silver. 
This is the kind of outfit I wear all winter long. Jeans , Oversized Cardigan sweater boots. Sometimes I wonder why I would wear anything else. I feel like I live in Jeans/ leggings. I have to force myself to buy things other than oversized sweaters all winter. I guess that’s the plus side to living in the freezing cold areas. 

I like my outfits/ look simple yet chic. Adding some fun and beautiful jewelry can make your simple look not to look so simple or boring. 

Reason why i love Bollywoodchicboutique 

They have an amazing jewelry collection, great Quality and their prices are affordable. 

It’s always a pleasure to continue collaborating with companies that are amazing in all the meaning of the word. 

This is my 3rd time collaborating with bollywoodchic and I can’t be happier.  

Please check out their website for more

http://www.bollywoodchicboutique.com // Instagram @bollywoodchic 


Wearing = 

– Celine Infinity Bracelet in Silver From  @bollywoodchic ( Use code = raysawcw For 20% off ) 

– Statement Necklace @bollywoodchic

– Denim Shirt @hm / Hm #Hm 

– Cardigan @hm / Hm #Hm 

– Boots @guess / Guess 

– Jeans / Jbrans 

– Sunglasses @rayban 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful week ahead. 

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Love, Raysa Garcia ♥️

71 thoughts on “Celine Infinity Bracelet in Silver From @bollywoodchic (Collaboration)

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your stressful weekend. I know you are so amazing on responding and getting back to your readers because I’m definitely a big fan of your page. I can’t believe someone would hack you. Karma is good though. you are a wonderful beautiful person so wishing you the best and sending you positive love! You look amazing in this denim outfit. I love that bracelet. I can’t get over how good you look with your hair cut. You are gorgeous <33
    Lots of love,
    Kayla xo // Kayla’s Vibration

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  2. You look gorgeous, Raysa! Loving that bracelet. It’s super cute on you. Sorry about your Instagram. Hope it gets fixed soon. Have a great week ahead babe! 🙂

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  3. Sorry to hear your Instagram account is still not resolved, must be so frustrating. If I could I would kick ass to the loser that hacked your account.😡😡👿
    On another note, you look stunning as always. I really love your infinity bracelet, its simple and chic. Definitely a versatile piece.
    Hope things get sorted out for you.

    xo, jackie

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  4. Ahh sorry it took me so long to visit your blog! Things have been crazy around here.

    That’s so horrible to hear that your instagram got hacked! At least you didn’t loose your profile. So glad to have you back though. These pieces r gorgeous and I love how you styled them! And I seriously love your hair cut, it’s beyond gorgeous. I could never pull it off!


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  5. You are on fire, babe! That bracelet is just so gorgeous! I’m so happy that I finally got the chance to go to your blog as I missed it so much! Glad your ig is working properly now too- Happy weekend love. XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww. Thank you babe! I truly appreciate your support. You are so amazing and I adore you princess. I love stopping by your blog, always. You are such an inspiration. 🙂 much love gorgeous. 😘😘


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