Long Sleeve-Top From @bythewings #amourtoujours            (Collaboration) 

February 24, 2016.                                                   _______________
Hello My beautiful friends! Hope you all are having a great week.
On today’sblog!__________________
I’m so happy to share with you all my Collaborations with my beautiful and talented friend @hummingbirdnessa

Featuring this lovely long Sleeve Top from her new amazing Collection/ Website @bythewings #amourtoujours
To me it’s always an honor to be able to collaborate and support new brands especially when it comes to support and work with friends and people that Inspire you in so many ways.
Vanessa @hummingbirdnessa and I became friends pretty much instantly since i started my Journey on IG / all social media, it makes me so happy to witness her success. I Love her! 
This top is so beautiful and cozy. I love the message on it. The quality is Amazing ,so soft! 

As always my look is very simple. 

I added this chic & classy coat from @neversomodern Which makes this look more fun and edgy. 
Please be sure to check out her website for more / social media accounts.

http://www.bythewingsfashion.com /Instagram @bythewings / @hummingbirdnessa / Twitter / Google+ / http://www.hummingbirdnessa.com

Wearing = 

* Long Sleeve Top/ http://www.bythewingsfashion.com

Use Code : BTWF For 10% off 

* Black Pants/ Nordstrom ( old ) 

* Booties ( old ) 

* Sunnies / Ray ban 

* Coat / http://www.neversomodern.com / @neversomodern ( More on the blog soon) 


Thank you for reading! Have a good rest of your week.
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Love, Raysa Garcia♥️

40 thoughts on “Long Sleeve-Top From @bythewings #amourtoujours            (Collaboration) 

  1. My bb ! What can I say after this? Well I know!! A huge thank you !!
    Thank you for sharing it, for being so supporting and thank you for your words who are going directly to my heart!
    I loved you since the day we connected. You have this sweetness we can read on your face
    Im so happy you like the tee!
    Adore you, you re stunning as always!
    Oh and adore the coat as well! Ahah
    Xoxo ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhhh. Thank you for your words babe! Means a lot. It was an honor to Collaborate with such an amazing beautiful person like yourself. I wish a the best, always babe! Sending you lost of love your way. Xx😘😘


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