White Top + Skinny Jeans With Choies. 

April 4, 2016 

                       ( Collaboration ) 

Hello My dearest Friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 

On today’s blog______ 
Today I’m sharing this spring look in collaboration with Choies Feauting this beautiful white top.

I wore this outfit this Saturday for a brunch day with some friends. 

This top is so chic you can dress up or down.

I got so many compliments about this top. I love it!  I tried it on with different pieces and it looks perfect with everything. Pants , skirts even with some nice shorts for a more casual look.

Choies has beautiful and trendy clothes. Love all their collection. Amazing quality and great prices. I definitely recommend it! 
I’ll be Sharing more looks in collaboration with Choies. @Choiesclothing
Shop my looks here: ⬇️

• Choies Top: https://go2b.uy/link/bdf08371dcf245f9ad282cdbf2dcb0f9

• My Choies Coupon: https://www.stylinity.com/coupons/@choiesclothing/@raysagarcia
• Jbrand Jeans: https://go2b.uy/link/ccbd092867d142a586695c72238f99e5

• My Sopbop Coupon for Jbrand Jeans: https://www.stylinity.com/coupons/@shopbop/@raysagarcia
• Steve Madden Pumps: https://go2b.uy/link/140ed98c948b48b9b25d7eb8ebe46b39

• My 6pm Coupon for Steve Madden: https://www.stylinity.com/coupons/@shop6pm/@raysagarcia
• Nordstrom Rack Bag (Similar): https://go2b.uy/link/70a70256b59049cdb04f6109d0fe9810
• Rayban Sunglasses: https://go2b.uy/link/b9955abf906f4ee1be27d5f257ba5490

• My Nordstrom Coupon for Rayban: https://www.stylinity.com/coupons/@nordstrom/@raysagarcia

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fantastic week ahead. 

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Love, Raysa Garcia♥️                       

77 thoughts on “White Top + Skinny Jeans With Choies. 

  1. Love the white top and how you styled it with skinny jeans, total perfection! Perfect casual look! Thanks for the inspiration doll. Have a wonderful day!
    much love, Len 🙂

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  2. Hi Raysa, I absolutely love your blog and this article is the perfect way to start thinking about outfits for spring! (can’t wait to buy that Choies Top which looks like something Gigi Hadid has worn!!) I just started a blog http://www.runwaytowardrobe.com and just wanted to say how much bloggers like you have helped me discover my own style!

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