2- Looks With  “Rad”

April 6, 2016 
                ( Collaboration ) 

Hello my dearest readers! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. 
On today’s blog!__________
Today I’m sharing 2 looks in collaboration with http://www.Rad.co / @rad – Featuring these cozy and cute sweatshirts. 

Rad offers you a large Collection of cute Graphic Tee, Sweatshirts etc with different & fun messages for men And women.   

Rad is well known in Europe And many celebrities are fans of this brand ; like Kyle Jenner , Vanessa Hudgens you name it!

I personally fell in love with these sweatshirts, they are super cozy plus easy to style. 

As you already know I’m all about comfort. 

I feel like the older I get My Style it’s becoming more simple , comfortable conservative yet not so boring. 

Here are these two looks. Simple and easy to achieve. 
Please be sure to check out their website for more.
http://www.rad.co / Instagram @rad / Twitter @radshop /   


 1-  I  Just Want To Drink Tea Create Stuff And Sleep 



– Sweater / rad.co

–  Pants / H&M

– Shoes / H&M

– Sunglasees /Ray ban  


2 – Pray For My Haters 

Wearing = 

• Sweater / Rad.co 

• Jeans / Nordstrom Rack 

• Shoes / H&M

• Bag ( Gifted ) 

• Sunglasses / Ray ban 


Thank you for stopping by! 

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Love, Raysa Garcia❤️ 


92 thoughts on “2- Looks With  “Rad”

  1. These sweatshirts scream Kylie Jenner, so I can definitely see her being a huge fan of them! I love them myself, both are so cute and you styled them to perfection! I love those olive pants on you, btw, they fit you perfectly! That last sweatshirt is everything, haha, way too cute! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have an amazing day, gorgeous girlie!



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