Bling Jewelry

April 29, 2016

                       ( Collaboration ) 

Hello my lovely readers! Happy Friday.
On today blog!__________
Today I’m sharing with you this wonderful website➡️ 

Which sells spectacular and fantastic Jewelry for men & women at great prices, amazing styles perfect for a gift or for Mother’s Day present. As you all know Mother’s Day it’s around the corner and if you are looking for a gift to give to your mommy , friend etc I think a beautiful and well made piece of Jewelry can be the perfect Mother’s present. 

Here I’m wearing these gorgeous silver rings & bracelet from @blingjewelry which I absolutely love. 

I highly recommend it. 


Please be sure to check out their incredible website for more.⬇️ | Instagram @blingjewelry | Twitter | Pinterest | Facebook | Google+ 

• Watch ➡️|@Klarfwatches 

• Marula Oil @raremarula 

• Dollup Case | @dollupdarling 

• Epic Lip Balm @epicblend 

• Concealers @beccacosmetics 


Thank you for reading! Wish you all a wonderful weekend. 


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Love, Raysa Garcia.


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