Ways to style a silk bracelet and A Skinny Scarf by silkphilosophy 

9 / 18 / 2016 

              ( COLLABORATION ) 
Hello dearest friends! Hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend. 

Welcome to today’s blog!_______

Today I’m going  to be sharing how do I style a silk bracelet and a Skinny scarf in Collaboration with @silkphilosophy 

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If you follow my blog and all my social media accounts then you know I’ve been wearing  these beautiful and luxury pieces with almost every outfit.

I’m in in love with silkphilosophy bracelet and scarf. They add the final touch to any look. As some of you know I like to keep my looks very simple yet put together and this silk bracelet and scarf accessories my outfit.

Silkphilosophy has a beautiful collection of silk bracelet, skinny scarfs in  different colors and prints etc.. 

They are a high luxury quality. So chic and classy. 

Here I’m sharing different looks of how I style them.


Look # 1 

Wearing ⬇️

• Silk Bracelet + Skinny Scarf ⬇️


• Black Pants / H&M 

• Top / Marshall’s 

• Shoes /  https://www.vipme.com/

Shop here ➡️  https://goo.gl/GFb4Y4  ⬅️

• Bag /  https://www.hieleven.com/ 

•Sunglasses / Ray ban

• Watch ⬇️


• Blazer / Nordstrom ( old ) 


Extra looks 

Please be sure to check out their website/ social media for more.

• Instagram @silkphilosophy

•  http://silkphilosophy.com/


Thank you so much for reading! I wish you all a fantastic week ahead.

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Love, Raysa Garcia 

57 thoughts on “Ways to style a silk bracelet and A Skinny Scarf by silkphilosophy 

  1. Raysa, you look absolutely gorgeous in all of these looks! I love the addition of the silk scarf on both your neck and wrist. It’s so trendy and adds a nice touch of edge. I tried wearing a bandana as choker this weekend and it was an absolute FAIL! I kept feeling like it was choking me; I have such a small neck, haha! So, I just opted to wear it around my wrist. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing, these pieces look amazing! I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far!



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