Hello Gorgeous !! Hope you all had a lovely Day.. I’m loving this look so much. I’m the kind of girl that loves wearing black all the time. I don’t mind tho. But for some reason I’m loving denim , not just because is back in style , is the way denim makes you look . I wasn’t sure about the fur vest at first , but when I put it on I loved it. The hat and the booties made the look to look even better. I personally loved it. 🍃🍂💙💙




IMG_2042.JPG ( Hat : Gucci (Old) // Fur Vest : Vince Camuto // Denim Shirt : H&m // Denim Jeans : Dolce Gabbana // Booties : Givenchy (old) // Rings : Nordstrom // Bracelets : Dolce Gabbana ) Thank you for stopping By as always..!!! Love , Raysa ✌️❤️

15 thoughts on “Denim on Denim + Fur ( Loving Fall )

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