Furry Vest from @shoppriceless                       (Collaboration) 

November 29 , 2015 
Hello my lovely readers! 

Hope you all had a blessed and super relaxed weekend. 

On today’s blog.

I’m sharing this super casual look wearing this lovely and cozy furry Vest 

From @shoppriceless 

I wore this super casual and effortless look to do some furniture shopping this weekend with my sister for her new house, and I absolutely love the look. It’s simple yet beautiful. This vest looks great pair it with different outfits. You can dressed up or down. 

I think with a mini black dress some heels or boots it would look fantastic for a date night look. 

As i mentioned before Their clothes is so beautiful , well made and the quality is great and the prices are super affordable.  
Please check out their website for more. 

http://www.shoppriceless.com // Instagram @shoppriceless // Twitter // Google+ // Facebook 




( Furry vest @shoppriceless // Jeans @ymijeans // Shoes @hmusa // Sunnies @rayban from @shopditto // bag @hmusa // Sweater @hmusa ) 

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Ruth Cardigan From @shoppriceless (Collaboration)

November 26, 2015
Hello my lovely friends! 

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. 

On today’s blog.

I’m sharing another easy breezy look wearing this cozy and beautiful Ruth Cardigan in Burgundy. 

From @shoppriceless 

As we all know burgundy ( color ) is in style right now. It’s such a gorgeous color and goes with so many looks / outfit so perfect for fall.

Their clothes is so beautiful , well made and the quality is great so much to choose from. 
More looks coming up in collaboration with @shoppriceless 
  Please check out their beautiful website.


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scarf : @hmusa // Leggins @nordstrom // Top @jcrew // Boots @nordstromrack (old) // Hat @target // Necklace @simonacouture // bag @hmusa // Sunglasses Ray ban from @shopditto Get your first month  free using Code : RAYSAGARCIA 
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Katie Mesh skirt from @stushi_co (COLLABORATION)

November 22, 2015 
Hello dear friends! How was your weekend?

My weekend was a little bit more relaxed than usual. 

On today’s blog! 

I’m sharing this look wearing this beautiful and girly skirt from @stushi_co 

Isn’t it cute? 

First of all let me say I’m not much of a skirt / dresses kinda of girl. Let me tell you why! 

I have such a small high waist , that wearing skirts is a struggle. They look great because of my hips but is so lose on my waist regardless the style of the skirt the struggle is the same. If i wear something to tide on my waist i look way too skinnier . You can literally see my ribs Hehehehe. No kidding! I do love skirts and dresses but only wear them on special occasions. 

When @stushi_co contacted me to collaborate with their company. 

Most of the times I get to choose the items. This was one of the cases. 

So i chose this skirt. Which i think is such a lovely and beautiful piece. You can style this skirt in so many ways. 

We are in fall and the temperature has been very nice in DC / Va still cold rainy and cloudy but not so crazy. So then I thought about styled it with a sweater & my current favorite pumps. 

I thought about wearing some black stocking but then I liked it how it look without the stocking. 

This skirt is meant to be fitted to your waist so you can wear a crop top or a tide blouse a denim shirt with OTK boots .. Oh Gosh so many ways you could style it this skirt and it will looks just amazing. 

I will definitely be wearing this skirt a lot. I absolutely love. 

The quality of their clothes is amazing and the prices are very affordable. 

 Please check out their website for more. 


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( Sweater- @hm // Pumps ( old ) Sunnies- Karen Walker From @shopditto Get your first month free using Code: RAYSAGARCIA 


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Graphics tanks From @keiamclean           (Collaboration ) 

November 18,2015

Hello my lovely readers! How’s your week going so far!? 
 Today I have a very special guest , well not so like a guest because some of you have seen my sister before on my social media / blog etc. but if you are new visiting my blog let me introduce you to my younger sister. Her name is Daniela @brunnetesincebirth_ and she’s the baby of the family . Hehehe not so baby I know!! 

On today’s blog, 

I’m collaborating with @keiamclean she has a website where she sales tank tops with positive messages. 

She sent me two tank tops which i absolutely love. right away i saw them i thought about inviting my sister to wear one of the tanks. 

We decided to go for a casual look since both of our style is very casual and chic! 

Probably some of you won’t like the tank top I’m wearing hehehe.. I don’t consider myself A Badass i think it all depends how you see it. 

I think that if you are confident , You can be A badass. 

Confidence has the power to save you from a shitty situation and to collect everything you deserve in life rather than watching others to collect it for themselves. 


2- kindness  Is Sexy.
Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. — Scott Adams 
Can you imagine a world where no one gave to each other? Where we all just looked after our own needs but ignored everyone else’s? This would surely be a miserable place to live, for ultimately, whether spontaneous or planned, we cannot be happy without being kind, by giving and caring for each other.

Spontaneous kindness is essential to our wellbeing; it liberates us from self-obsession, selfishness, and isolation. True generosity is giving without expectation, with no need to be repaid in any form. This is the most powerful, unconditional, and unattached act of generosity, free to land wherever it will.
Being kind can be as simple as smiling. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Almost anything we do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that we do it.”

  We love being silly As you all can see. When we are together we have lots of fun😁😜😜



Thanks @keiamclean it was a pleasure collaborating together. 

Please check out her website. http://www.leclothingco.com 

( Use code: raysa10 for 10%off )

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Tie – Back Blouse & Striped Pants from @hervelvetvase ( Collaboration) 

November 16, 2015 
Hello beautiful ones!! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. On today’s blog I’m sharing this look wearing this Oasis Tie-Back Blouse & Voyager Striped Culottes pants in collaboration with @HerVelvetVase, @hervelvetvaseUS 

As I mentioned before I’m complete in love with their website. 

I decided to choose these pieces just to challenge myself / style. I’m all about jeans and my cozy oversized sweaters. But when I saw these pants and blouse right away I saw myself wearing them. I know it’s fall but the temperature has been a little crazy. One day warm the next one is cold. The day I wore this outfit the temperature were perfect. 

The print of these pants are beautiful and delicate and so is the blouse. I paired it with this white coat & these Sneak print sandals from bebe i think it looks great. Right!? 

I’m also wearing my new Karen walker sunnies from one of my favorite website @shopditto 

Please Check out their amazing website // http://www.hervelvelvase.com // they’re giving 35% discount to all my followers use Code: RaysaHVV35 // Instagram @hervelvetvase , @hervelvetvase.us // Bloglovin // Pinterest // Twitter // Google + // Facebook // 



( Sunnies – Karen Walker @shopditto Use Code : RAYSAGARCIA to get your first month free. // Sandals- @bebe_store //  Coat @hm ) 

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( LifeStyle ) Sisters Adventure ” My Twinsii ” 

November 11, 2015 
Hello my dashing Friends !! Hope you all are having a great week. 

On Today’s blog! __________________

Last week was all about adventure and fun. Today, I want to share with you all , my family’s hobby which is horse back riding. I haven’t really done it in a few years but my younger sister @brunettesincebirth_ insisted that I should tag along this time since she has done it since she 4 yrs old until now non stop. As I was saying, last week she took me not to ride but to walk the horses and feed them since I haven’t done it and I wanted to be familiar with the horses first and gain my confidence back before riding. My sister is an amazing horse back rider, she’s not afraid of big animals. She used to compete, train and tame but due to her full work/school schedule she only rides and gives the horses therapy. She is a horse lover and gets invited to different places to ride and give horses what she calls “back rubbing time” or massage. That’s right! Some horse owners love spoiling their equines and they love it as well just like people!! 
Last but not least, Daniela @brunettesincebirth_ and I drove ATVs four-wheelers all around the big field at the same place she goes ride horses. We drove into the bush without knowing where we were going but hey, that’s what being adventurous is all about right? 

I had so much fun as you can see in the pictures posted. As long as you have the right person to have fun with, you will enjoy every second of it! 🤗🤗
Thank you for reading! Have a good rest of your week. 
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Two Classic Looks ln Collaboration with   @hervelvetvase 

November 8, 2015 
Hello my dearest friends!! How was your weekend? Mine was super relaxed and exciting since i went to watch the movie @007 #Spectre Did you guys see the movie? I loved it. I definitely recommend it! 

Now let’s talk about today’s blog! 
Today’s i’m sharing two looks in Collaboration with @hervelvetvase  //www.hervelvetvase.com//

First of let me just say How in love i am with their website it’s just stunning. Their collection is amazing and the Quality of their clothes is one the best.
 1- On my first look 

i’m wearing this Quintessential Peplum Blouse 

This blouse is stunning & fancy the fit is amazing , i decided to paired it with this skirt to go for a classic and chic look. I also think this outfit would be perfect for the holidays. 
( skirt @tjmaxx // Pumps ( old ) // Blazer @hm ( old ) // Clutch @nordstrom ( old )   

2- On my second look. 

I’m Wearing this beautiful DRESS – Tiffany Neoprene Midi (Black)

As we all know The ” black dress” is considered essential to a complete wardrobe by many women and fashion observers, who believe it a “rule of fashion” that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion: I decided to styled it with a leather jacket and pumps for daytime business wear or you can accessory the dress for an evening look! the style of this black dress is beautiful. I totally love it!  

( leather Blazer @bebe_store ( old ) // pumps ( old )  
Please Check out their Amazing website. 

http://www.hervelvetvase.com // Instagram @hervelvetvase , @hervelvetvase.us // Bloglovin // Pinterest // Twitter // Google + // Facebook  //  they’re giving 35% discount to all my followers use Code: RaysaHVV35 

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Maya Striped Knit Sweater from @hervelvetvase                  ( Collaboration ) 

November 2,2015
Hello Friends!! How was your weekend? Mine was busy, but awesome as usual. 

On today’s blog I’m sharing this casual yet chic look wearing this ( Maya Striped Knit Sweater ) from @hervelvetvase 

I’m in love with their website / collection so much to choose from. 

This sweater is so cozy and super chic. Love the style , the color everything about it , is just perfect. 

Their clothing is affordable chic classic and the quality is beyond amazing. 

There’s more looks coming up in collaboration with @hervelvetvase #hervelvetvase #hvvgirl 
Please check out their stunning website for more http://www.hervelvetvase.com  // Instagram @hervelvetvase // Facebook // Pinterest // YouTube // Twitter // Bloglovin 

( They’re giving 35% discount to all my followers use Code: RaysaHVV35 )

Wishing you all a wonderful week/ Month ❤️
( Jeans @jbrandjeans // boots @nordstrom Brand Trouve ( old ) // Jacket @levis // sunnies @shopditto – to get your first month free Use Code: RAYSAGARCIA  // Bag – L/v ( old ) 


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