2- Casual / Winter looks in collaboration   with  @joahbrown 

February 5, 2016


Hello my lovely friends! It’s Friday. YA’Y!!
On today’s blog! 

Today I’m sharing with you two casual winter looks in collaboration with @joahbrown
Featuring these White – Tee & KNIGHTINGALE TUNIC DRESS – BLACK
As I mentioned before on my previous blogpost. ( ” Casual- Effortless ” ) 

#Joahbrown it’s a brand made in the USA
As you can tell from my pictures, we are still in winter and you may be thinking if I’m out of my mind wearing Tee or light clothes on cold days. 

As you all know if you have followed me for a while now, my style is very simple , easy to achieve and over all comfortable, regardless the occasion or season. 

The cold weather doesn’t bother me. I actually love winter. It’s my favorite season of the year. So basically i can handle cold weather. 

I believe you can wear anything no matter the season, it’s all how you style it and make it your own. 

Spring & summer are coming up soon and if you are looking for a great quality ( Tee, tanks etc. ) Joahbrown is definitely the perfect website to shop! 

Please be sure to check out their website.


#1- Look ( White – Tee ) 



 Wearing = 

– White Tee // http://www.Joahbrown.com // Instagram @joahbrown  

– Jeans // Forever21 

– shoes // Hm 

– Fur  Coat // hm @hm , @hmusa 

– Sunglasses // Ray ban ( love this ) 

– Wrap Anchor Bracelet- 18K Gold Plated From @rashdesign.co #rashdesignco

Use code ( RAYSA15 ) For your next purchase. // http://www.rashdesign.co



Wearing = 

– KNIGHTINGALE TUNIC DRESS – BLACK // http://www.joahbrown.com  // Instagram @joahbrown , @dreamingofjoahbrown #dreamingofjoahbrown #Joahbrown 

– pants // @hm , @hmusa 

– Shoes // @hm , hmusa 

– Coat // @hm , @hmusa 

– scarf ( Gifted ) 

– Sunnies // Ray ban 


Thank you so much for stopping by! I wish you all a fantastic weekend. 
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Love, Raysa Garcia♥️


59 thoughts on “2- Casual / Winter looks in collaboration   with  @joahbrown 

  1. Love how you styled a basic white and a simple tunic dress. You look lovely in both the outfits. Love your effortless style! Have a great weekend babe! 🙂

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